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Tree Trimming can really help or hurt the health of your trees. Which is why you should hire a professional to care for your trees.  There are a lot of people that have “green thumbs” and lots of landscaping experience, however, tree trimming can be a very dangerous job and if not done properly can cause your trees damage, or even to die. So, if you find yourself in need of any tree trimming or pruning care, be sure to contact one of our Tree Services Charlotte Experts. Our certified tree specialists have the experience to identify any potential hazards or risks with your trees and come up with the best plan of action to make sure your trees stay safe and healthy.

Driving through Charlotte neighborhoods, it is not uncommon to see homeowners on ladders attempting to trim or prune their trees themselves. Often times they can be causing great damage to the trees by making improper cuts or removing too much of the trees canopy. And in some cases, homeowners have hurt or killed themselves. This is why whether you use a Tree Services Charlotte Expert or not, make sure you hire a professional to take care of your trees.

Tree pruning can benefit yourself and your trees in many ways. Proper tree pruning can provide strength, vigor as well as control pests and disease. The pruning can also provide clearance between your building and your tree creating a comfortable environment for everyone. It can also allow for more sunlight or more shade depending on your interests. Overall aesthetics are an additional bonus of tree pruning, so it is always a good idea to contact a certified arborist regarding your pruning needs. It can be very harmful to your trees and potentially dangerous if a tree is improperly pruned. Your trees are a valuable resource on your property and it is worthwhile maintaining them.